"Cancer I did not give you the right,
To invade my body and take a bite.
This is my body and with all my might,
I will prevail with one hell of a fight.
To the cancer inside, I will battle and kill.
For that is my body's God given will.
To my cancer, these words I do send.
Your life is short and near the end."

DISHA - Direction to Hope

DISHA" is a Not for Profit Australian organization and its primary objective is to raise funds for worthwhile causes. Striving to bring together like minded people, DISHA's plan is to foster involvement in the community's needs - especially cancer treatment. Disha gives you, me and everyone an opportunity to give directly to the cause which benefits all of us young and old, male or female, indigenous or from distant shores.

Mission Statement of Disha

'DISHA' has been created to raise funds for worthwhile causes. We hope to carry on this spirit and further these ideals to reach out and touch the whole community.

The Royal Children’s Hospital - Kids Fundraiser for the Bed Sponsorship Program for the Kookaburra Cancer Care Unit (2021)

For sponsoring this event, please click here

For sponsoring this event, please click here

What Disha has done in the last 10 years

Since being founded in 2006 by Tara Chandramouli, Disha has raised more than $250,000. Over the last 10 years donations have been made to various hospitals in Melbourne mainly in support of cancer, as well as other causes that has touched the community and Disha's heart.

In 2006 we had a Bollywood Extravaganza where we raised $25,000 and donated to The Alfred towards Lung Cancer - Disha donated a fibre optic bronchoscope - critical in assessing patients with Lung Cancer

In 2007, Disha had "One Day in September" where we raised $30,000 - we donated 3 Palliative Care Bed for the Alfred

In 2007, Disha also supported the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital - we donated equipment for their kitchenette and ECG machines for their BMT Unit

In 2008, Disha had "Rhythm of the Night" and raised $50,000 and we supported Ovarian Cancer at The Royal Women's Hospital

In 2010 - Disha had the "Disha Diwali Dinner Dance" and raised money for various hospitals and various equipment

In 2011, Disha had a Ladies Luncheon and we supported Prostate cancer at The Alfred

In 2012, Disha donated the first Scalp Cooling Machine to the Peter Mac Hospital

In 2014, Disha donated to Royal Women's hospital and Alfred hospital to purchase Scalp cooling equipment that would help patients' going through chemotherapy

On 4th March 2017, Disha raised $50,000 at their Dinner Dance Event in support of The Haematology and Oncology Department of the Alfred and Box Hill Hospitals. The night was a great success and Disha was overwhelmed by the generosity of donations made on the night. From this event Disha is donating $25,000 to The Alfred Hospital (which includes equipment auctioned on the night) and $25,000 to The Eastern Health Foundation (Box Hill Hospital).

On 12th November 2017, Disha youth hosted their first event "Cuppa for Kids" to raise funds for Kids with Cancer supporting patient care in the Kookaburra Ward at The Royal Children's Hospital as part of the RCH Bed Sponsorship Program.

Disha has always believed in serving the mankind and this vision inspired Disha to be a part of the charity appeal for the families of 3 Indian students who were burnt to death . Disha donated $1000 towards this appeal and helped the families of those students back in India.

Disha supports "Mental Health" by donating to the Mental Health Institute of Victoria, and Disha has also supported Heart at The Alfred and donated towards the Cardiology Unit.

Disha also has supported Palliative Care at Alfred hospital by building an entire bathroom with all accessories for Palliative Care patients. Disha also has WARD 7E named after it as we have contributed to the making of this ward by donating everything that the Ward needed.

Disha team has volunteered at Fare Share preparing 2000 meals for the homeless of Melbourne and saving 1500kgs of food which would otherwise have gone into a landfill.

Disha has its name in the WALL's of all major hospitals including - Royal Melbourne, Royal Women's, The Alfred, Peter Mac, Box Hill Hospital and we are one of the major donors at the Alfred.