The Birth of Disha

Zahid, our friend was diagnosed with leukaemia in May 1997.

It was a turning point in all of our lives, because someone close to us had been affected. Zahid had a successful bone marrow transplant in September 2000.

Eight years later, my brother, Boney, was detected with lung cancer. It was as if the world suddenly came to a standstill. No one individual is the centre of the Universe, but for our family - Boney is.

It was a raw, gut wrenching anguish for my family. Our lives suddenly plunged in an abyss of darkness - we were in a limbo of nothingness and I knew that I needed to do something to give strength and courage to Boney, to fight and win this challenge in his life.

I truly believe that Man makes his own Destiny. I do not believe in astrology or luck and I am not a complete atheist, I do believe that there is a super power who keeps us humble. I am not ritualistic - God is too big to be wanting our prayers and prasads.

I did not know what to do - I pumped up my confidence, squelched all my negative thoughts, snipped off all cords connected to pessimism, took stock of my strengths, organized my opportunities and refused to aim low and that is how DISHA was born.

DISHA is that light of hope at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping with all your support and help to blaze a trail called " DISHA" and raise awareness within ourselves to do something worthwhile for the community.

Cherish every moment of DISHA - because it is our only chance in life of assisting God in a miracle.

Tara Chandramouli
August 2006

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Why the name Disha?

Disha, in Indian language means direction. It is our direction to serve the community and make a difference to the lives of many people. Disha has given us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is a platform to unite people for a common cause whether it is Cancer Research, Depression, Youth Suicide or Violence against Women. Through Disha, our main aim is to establish a positive and collaborative relationship with the society and all her supporters.

Disha gives you, me and everyone an opportunity to give directly to the cause which benefits all of us young and old, male or female, indigenous or from distant shores.

We hope that your support and help to blaze a trail called "Disha" will raise awareness within ourselves to do something worthwhile for the community. Cherish every moment of Disha - because it is our only chance in life of assisting God in a miracle.

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What Disha Does?

"DISHA" is a Not for Profit Australian organization and its primary objective is to raise funds for worthwhile causes. Striving to bring together like minded people, DISHA's plan is to foster involvement in the community's needs - especially cancer treatment.

Each year, DISHA hosts fundraising event in Melbourne to raise funds for Divisions of Hospitals that are involved in treatment of Cancer. These events are big "musts" on the local social calendars and attract reputable Australian businessmen and Professionals in Melbourne.

The events are organized by Fundraising Committees, made up of DISHA's Founders, family/friends as well as Volunteers. These events raise funds through ticket sales, sponsorships and charity auctions on the night. DISHA has successfully contributed in a tangible way to various causes.

DISHA is not Government subsidised and is entirely dependent on Sponsorship and Fundraising.

Every member of the DISHA Team, from founders to the various volunteer teams, is educated in the objectives and focus of DISHA and they play a vital role by covering all administration and management costs ensuring every cent donated to DISHA can be spent on programs sponsored by us.

DISHA was successfully launched in August 2006 with a Dinner Dance, "a Bollywood Extravaganza" and $24000 was raised. The money was donated equally between the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Alfred Foundation for Research and Equipment of Lung Cancer.

DISHA continues to work towards its raise money for a worthwhile cause...please support us!

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