Cupcake Fundraiser by 8-year old Supriya and 7-year old Arjun


On behalf of Disha - The Direction for Hope Foundation, my daughter decided to fundraise for the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne. She and her 7-year-old brother Arjun hatched a plan to do a cupcake fundraiser. (Disha Foundation is inviting children to fundraise for the hospital's Kookaburra Cancer Care Ward with a modest target of $5000).

Supriya wrote a letter explaining that they were selling cupcakes to raise funds for Royal Children's Hospital, and on Saturday,18 July the children left the letter in the letterboxes of all our neighbours down our street in Balwyn North. (Letter photographed below)

Somehow, the fundraiser caught the imagination of the residents up and down our quiet, leafy suburban street. Unable to meet us, they left handwritten letters in our letterbox praising the initiative and with donations and/or orders for cupcakes. (two such neighbour's letters are photographed below).

In just over a week, the children raised about $90 (their fundraising target for the month is $100).

This Sunday, after dropping off our last cupcake order, Supriya suddenly said: 'I am feeling so proud Mummy.' And I realised how much ideating, planning and coordinating her drive has built her confidence and belief in herself.

Supriya and Arjun join 50 other children who are doing activities similar to Supriya's to raise funds on behalf of Disha- Direction for Hope Foundation for the Royal Children's Hospital. It has acted as a great way to keep them focused and engaged during this lockdown period, which is otherwise causing much anxiety and alarm among little Melburnians.