Disha was born in 2006 to raise funds for worthwhile causes, to reach out and touch the community and contribute in some fashion

  • In 2020, Disha had donated and supported by conducting Covid-19 fund raising for frontline staff, RCH 150th Anniversary and RCH Fund Raiser Event by Disha Children.
  • In 2019, Disha conducted the Masquerade ball event and raised $66,000 for donating equipment to The Alfred hospital, The box Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • In 2018, Disha supported the purchase of 189 Essential Items Packs for women and girls in crisis due to domestic violence, supporting Share the Dignity.
  • In 2017, Disha donated to the Haematology and Oncology departments of The Alfred Hospital and Box Hospital
  • In 2015, Disha hosted a Movie Night raising funds for The Royal Women’s Hospital for the purchase of a cordless headlamp for surgery
  • In 2014, Disha donated to Royal Women’s hospital and Alfred hospital to purchase Scalp cooling equipment that would help patients’ going through chemotherapy
  • In 2012, Disha donated the first Scalp Cooling Machine to the Peter Mac Hospital
  • In 2011, Disha had a Ladies Luncheon and we supported Prostate cancer at The Alfred
  • In 2010, Disha had the “Disha Diwali Dinner Dance” and raised money for various hospitals and various equipment
  • In 2008, Disha had “Rhythm of the Night” and raised $50,000 and we supported Ovarian Cancer at The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • In 2007, Disha also supported the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital – we donated equipment for their kitchenette and ECG machines for their BMT Unitv and also Disha had “One Day in September” where we raised $30,000 – we donated 3 Palliative Care Bed for the Alfred
  • In 2006 we had a Bollywood Extravaganza where we raised $25,000 and donated to The Alfred towards Lung Cancer – Disha donated a fibre optic bronchoscope – critical in assessing patients with Lung Cancer

Disha supports “Mental Health” by donating to the Mental Health Institute of Victoria, and Disha has also supported Heart at The Alfred and donated towards the Cardiology Unit.

Disha also has supported Palliative Care at Alfred hospital by building an entire bathroom with all accessories for Palliative Care patients. Disha also has WARD 7E named after it as we have contributed to the making of this ward by donating everything that the Ward needed.

Disha team has volunteered at Fare Share preparing 2000 meals for the homeless of Melbourne and saving 1500kgs of food which would otherwise have gone into a landfill.

Disha has its name in the WALL’s of all major hospitals including – Royal Melbourne, Royal Women’s, The Alfred, Peter Mac, Box Hill Hospital and we are one of the major donors at the Alfred.

Disha in 2020

RCH Fundraiser Event by Disha Children – 01/07/2020
Fundraiser event by Disha Childern for RCH

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Cupcake Fundraiser by 8-year old Supriya and 7-year old Arjun – 27/7/2020

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Invite for RCH 150th Anniversary – 22/02/2020

Humbled and privileged for Disha to be invited to the garden reception at Government House today to celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. An honour to meet the Honourable Linda Dessau AC Governor of Victoria and Honourable Rob Knowles AO Chairman of the RCH. What started as a 6 bed hospital in 1870 with a ladies committee raising money to support its operation, to now being one of five greatest paediatric hospitals in the world. 2 speeches that encapsulated the trajectory of the hospital so well over the last 150 years, changing the lives of so many children and their families with its first class clinical service, treatment, research and care. We are so inspired and motivated to continue to make a difference in our own Disha philanthropic ways…

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Covid-19 fundraising event for front-line staff – 22/04/2020

Disha is super excited to announce it has received donations from our entire community and every cent has been used in allowing us to pack a huge 800 bags (as we speak) filled with 5 snack items each which we hope will provide comfort to the Victorian front liners in Melbournes Major Hospitals-Doctors, Nurses, Clinicians and all staff… our soldiers who are fighting this virus on a war footing, who are working tirelessly during this Covid 19 period. Box Hill Hospital picked up their first lot of 100 comfort ‘snack packs’ and we can’t wait to get the remaining 700 out this week. In the road ahead, the perseverance and tenacity of our front liners is critical for all of us – they provide the Direction to Hope.

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Disha in 2019

“Masquerade with Disha” – Dinner Dance Event – 18th May 2019

Disha’s “Masquerade with Disha” was held on Saturday 18th May 2019, supporting and raising funds for the purchase of vital equipment for The Box Hill Hospital, Alfred Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Funds raised from Masquerade with Disha totalled $66,000 which has been donated in full for the purchase of:

  • 4 x eTQC vital signs monitor machines (The Alfred Hospital-haematology/oncology)
  • 1 x Citadel Specialised Bed & 2 x Electric recliner mobile base chairs (The Box Hill Hospital- haematology/oncology)
  • 1 x Medical Dialysis Treatment chair & 1 x Sonosite iViz ultra sound machine (The Royal Melbourne Hospital-Kidney Care)

We can’t express enough our thanks and gratitude to the entire Disha community for their generosity and support at this event so we can continue to make a difference to patients lives at a time when they are most vulnerable and need it most.

Note from Alfred Hospital

“We were blown away last Saturday night at Disha’s Masquerade Ball by the generosity of Disha’s family and friends who donated money on the night to enable the purchase of 4 (YES…FOUR) eTQC Vital Signs machines for The Alfred Hospital. Each machine is worth $4,800 (totaling $19,200)! These state-of-the-art touchscreen monitors provide an instant summary of a patient’s vital signs, including their blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level. These new monitors will enhance the way The Alfred can deliver care to their patients living with cancer everyday. From the bottom of our hearts we Thank You”.

Click here to view the eTQC vital signs monitors that were donated from funds raised at Masquerade at Disha in May. In total 4 were donated valued over $16,000 now in use on Ward 7 East.

Note from Box hill Hospital

“We have been quiet but busy procuring equipment. Pleased to say, equipment has started to arrive!. This morning we had the opportunity to be back at Box Hill Hospital-Eastern Health Foundation to hear and see first hand the difference the pieces of equipment donated from the funds raised at ‘Masquerade with Disha’ in May have made to improve the quality of patient care. To our supporters we extend the thanks and gratitude from Eastern Health/Box Hill Hospital to all of you.”

Click here to view the Citadel Specialised Bed and Electric recliner mobile base chairs (worth $26000) that were donated from funds raised at Masquerade at Disha in May.

Note from Royal Melbourne Hospital

Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation Philanthropy report page 16 highlights how Disha Community funded Dialysis chair and Sonosite iViz ultrasound machine will improve patient care post kidney transplant. Happy to confirm the chair and ultra sound machine has landed in the hospital ward.

Click here to view page 16 of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation Philanthropy report.

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Disha in 2018

Disha’s Dance for Dignity Event – 27th May 2018

What a fun morning at Disha’s Dance for Dignity on 27th May 2018 learning bollywood dancing whilst raising money for the purchase of 189 Essential Items Packs for women and girls in crisis due to domestic violence, supporting Share the Dignity. Thank you once again to all our sponsors and supporters…special mention to Danielle Allison Photography for capturing the moment.

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Disha in 2017

Disha’s Cuppa for Kids Event – 12th November 2017

Disha Youth hosted their first event on Sunday 12th November 2017 to raise funds for Kids with Cancer supporting patient care in the Kookaburra Ward at The Royal Children’s Hospital as part of the RCH Bed Sponsorship Program.

Disha was extremely humbled to be asked to feature in The Royal Children’s Hospital Impact of Giving – 2017/2018 Year in Review report after supporting the Hospital on 12th November 2017 with a Cuppa for Kids Breakfast (pg. 64).

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Disha’s Dinner Dance Event – 4th March 2017

Disha hosted its 10th year Dinner Dance Celebration on 4th March 2017 supporting The Haematology & Oncology department of The Alfred and The Box Hill Hospitals. Disha celebrated 10 years of doing things differently, 10 years of raising more than $200,000, 10 years of donating to various hospitals in Melbourne and 10 years of supporting cancer and anything else that touched Disha’s heart. The Night was a roaring success raising $50,000 and Disha was overwhelmed by the generosity of donations made on the night.

From this event Disha donated $25,000 to The Alfred Hospital (which includes equipment auctioned on the night) and $25,000 to The Eastern Health Foundation (Box Hill Hospital). Inspired by the saying ‘The gift of giving is in the power of one’, the Disha team held silent auctions as well as an innovative open auction to raise funds for important items of medical equipment these included seven portable IV stands, two temporal artery thermometers, four falls matt alarms sensors and six wheelchairs for The Alfred Hospital. Humour ruled over haematology as Dr Stephen Ting from Monash University and Alfred Health delivered an enlightening and entertaining presentation on cancer.

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Disha in 2015

Movie Night Event – 1st March 2015

On Sunday 1st March 2015 Disha hosted a private screening of the ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ at Rivoli Village Cinemas. The movie was enjoyed by all, raising $5500 for The Royal Women’s Hospital for the purchase of a cordless head lamp for use in surgery.

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Disha in 2012

Disha’s Red Carpet Event – 8th September 2012

Disha is in its 7th year and we are having our Annual Disha Dinner Dance on Saturday, 8th September 2012 at The River Room at Crown.
Our theme for Disha 2012 is “Hollywood Meets Bollywood on the Red Carpet” – 60’s and 70’s.
We are having a live Band which will play the music of the 60’s and 70’s and we are all hoping to dress from that era as well.
So, you can look forward to hearing “Elvis Presley, Boney M, Abba from the West and similar melodious music from the East and Bollywood.
The Sapphire Dance Group will be performing a riveting medley of dances from 60’s and 70’s and a magical combination of yester years and today.
We will also have Auctions, Raffles and other fun filled activities to make the evening interesting and entertaining – it will be a glamorous evening on the red carpet.
More women die of heart disease than all the cancers put together – this has inspired Disha to donate to “Heart”.
This time Disha is hoping to donate to Heart Disease – “Cardiac Unit at the Alfred Hospital”
Disha will also support Mental Health Institute of Victoria in 2012.
We have already identified the equipment that The Alfred needs and what the Mental Health Research Institute needs and we are all working towards raising that money.

DISHA is working toward providing the following for the Alfred Hospital in 2012.

  • The bathroom work at Palliative Care at The Alfred continues to progress.
  • Mini Doppler hand held Scanner for Cardiac Units – both 3CTC and 3 West

These are devices that are used to access how well the patients blood supply is in their limbs. Used mainly to test the pulse in a persons foot or lower limbs to ascertain how well they re recovering from cardiac surgery or other treatment. $ 1580 each and they need 2 of them.

  • Weighing Scales for Cardiac Units – both 3CTC and 3 West

These are special scales which we use for patients who are not able to get out of bed. We would like to weigh our patients because then that will help us manage their nutrients better and drug therapies better. We require two @ $4000 each.
DISHA is working toward providing the following for the MHRI in 2012
Money raised by Disha will go towards the purchase of a Leica M80 Stereomicroscope and Fluorescence Illumination System. This microscope is to be used for tissue examination in the tissue culture suite utilised by Professor Sundram’s laboratory. The cost of this microscope is approximately $11,000.
The Molecular Psychopharmacology Laboratory aims to understand the molecular pathology of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They hope to develop better bio markers to improve diagnosis and more effective treatments. Associate Professor Suresh Sundram and his team investigate how psychotropic medications interact with receptors and intracellular signalling mechanisms in neurons. The knowledge gained will aid the development of treatments which better target sites in the brain implicated in the illnesses. Collaboration with the Northern Psychiatry Research Centre enables new knowledge to be tested in clinical populations and for clinical samples to be examined in the laboratory.

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Disha in 2011

Ladies Luncheon – 10th September 2011

In 2011, Disha works towards supporting Prostate Cancer. On 10th September, Disha will host a “Ladies Luncheon” where we will hear more about this cause from a survivor who went through the pain and agony caused by Prostate cancer. The event will also be marked with some fun as a leading fashion house “The Ark” will conduct a fashion workshop for the audience and will have women from the audience getting dressed and having an informal walk on the ramp. It will be a fun filled and interesting afternoon while enjoying a sit down 3 course luncheon.

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Disha in 2010

DiwaliDhamaka – 8th October 2010

Disha is in its fifth year -Disha is a young lady who thrives on “team work”. We believe in the motto that Together we can change the world. Together is the common, underlying, strong embedded and central focus of Disha because all our goals, objectives and values come togther with the original mission when we work together.
Disha is in our minds and thoughts. This dynamism will never change because it propels us towards the common goal. Ten years from now we will be more disappointed by things we did not do rather than things we did do.
Dare, Dream, Discover and let us walk the Disha journey together.
Disha does not do different things, Disha does things differently. Disha strives to make a Differene – Let us embrace Disha – it will teach us how to dance in the rain.
Disha dreams that in our lifetime Cancer will be conquered –
Share our Dream – Miracles do happen. DISHA-Direction to hope had its ‘Diwali – Festival of Lights Annual Dinner Dance’ on Friday, 8th October 2010 at Leonda on the Yarra. The night was marked with colors and lights that are an integral part of Diwali. The audience experienced a night full of entertainment with live performances, dinner and dance.
The Fundraiser event raised funds for Ovarian Cancer Research at Royal Women’s hospital and for Palliative Care at The Alfred Hospital.DISHA raised $43,000 on that day and donated $20,000 to The Palliative Care at The Alfred Hospital and $ 20,000 to Ovarian Cancer Research at The Royal Women’s Hospital.DISHA donated the balance to The Mental Health Institute of Victoria, because of a belief that Cancer can lead to depression not only for the patient but also for the carers and the family.

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Disha in 2009

Ghazal Singer of India in Concert- 24th May 2009

DISHA hosted a concert for the renowned Ghazal singer of India, Ashok Khosla on 24th May 2009 at 4:30 pm at Balwyn High School. The evening was filled with the emotionally electrifying voice of this great ghazal singer who enthralled the audience with his popular Ghazals and old Bollywood songs. The singer has won international acclaim with his debut in the “Brightest Talent of 80’s Album” composed by Sultane Ghazal Jagjit Singh. And steadily growing in his stride, he has now 15 popular albums to his credit. He is one of the world’s few musicians to have performed in the Wembley Conference Centre in London. And with his presence in Melbourne, he created a musical night that will remain in our memories for years…

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Disha in 2008

Rhythm of the Night – 20th September 2008

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” On September 20th 2008,DISHA hosted an Annual Gala Fundraiser at the Hilton on the Park. The evening was highlighted with presentations from Bolivia , Japan and Africa .
The event began with the lightening of the lamp by Ms. Anita Nayar, Consulate General of India, Melbourne. One of the charities nominated for this event was Royal Women’s Hospital for Ovarian Cancer and the guest speaker of the night – Professor Michael Quinn, Gynecologic Oncologist from Royal Women’s Hospital marked this evening with his informative speech on Stem Cell Research. Mr. Ravi Bhatia, CEO Primus also gave a heart warming speech thanking DISHA’s efforts and supportedDISHA in her efforts by making a commendable donation that night.
The evening began with a melodious performance by Chilean Pipers followed by Japanese Drummers who welcomed the guests into the main ballroom with their energy and enthusiasm. It was a visual and musical journey that thrilled the senses of the audience .The evening was also marked with stupendous performances by Salsa dancers from “Let’s Go Dance” school as well as Bollywood dancers (from Gowri’s school of dance) dancing to the latest Bollywood music.The most interactive performance of the night was the African drummers. The performance was uplifting, inspiring and unified the audience through Rhythm. The effects of their performance were immediate, infectious and lasted long. ! Good Food, Foot tapping music, great performances took everyone’s breath away. Other attractions of the evening were Auctions, Door prizes, raffles. And this fine evening ended with audience dancing to 80s and Bollywood music played by DJ Ashaan. The annual Fund raiser was an evening full of colour, rhythm and creativity, seen through a Fusion of World Dances and music. Amidst all these cultural festivities,DISHA raised $45,000 that will be donated to Royal Women’s hospital and The Alfred Hospital.

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Disha in 2007

Charity Champagne Brunch – September 2007

On September 9th 2007 all three hundred guests raised their glasses during the “Spring Champagne Brunch” held at Melbourne Park. To celebrate the flavour of the month,DISHA had “One Day in September” in Melbourne where all the guests dressed in their footy colours in keeping with the footy theme. Our Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Angelo Malizis (CEO of the Millennium).
SBS radio and Neil Mitchell covered our event ahead of the function. All funds raised, being $25000, were donated to The Alfred Foundation, Mental Health Institute of Victoria and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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